Vancouver: John Coupar seeking NPA’s mayoral candidacy

John Coupar
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STANDING in front of the iconic Vancouver landmark he saved for generations to come, Vancouver Park Board Commissioner John Coupar on Wednesday announced his intention to seek his party’s candidacy for mayor in the October 2018 municipal election.
“This is a very special place for me,” said Coupar. “The Bloedel Conservatory right behind us at the pinnacle and geographical centre of Vancouver, was a big part of my father’s life – and it’s become such a significant part of mine too. Saving this landmark is something I’m incredibly proud of, and I want to bring that same passion and purpose to City Hall to ensure the future of a healthy, vibrant and financially successful city with a responsible, thoughtful and inclusive approach to the issues our city is facing today.”
Coupar was elected in 2011 as a Vancouver Park Board Commissioner for the NPA, and is now a two-term Commissioner and former Park Board Chair.
John is a lifelong Vancouverite and has spent his career in senior management positions in a number of Canadian companies. He is currently the President of Novex Delivery Solutions, an award-winning carbon-neutral delivery service.
Coupar has been instrumental in a number of important initiatives that have added to the vibrancy and liveability of the city for all residents and communities. As well as the preservation of the Bloedel, he was a key proponent of the creation of the Park Foundation, he worked to secure an upgrade to the Vanier Park docks, he helped ensure a new paddling centre was built in False Creek, and he also spearheaded the construction of a new kitchen at the Killarney Seniors Centre.
Coupar is now building his team and his platform, but a key part of the process right now is to secure NPA sign-ups before the end of April, so they can vote in the nomination process on May 29.
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