‘We commit to working every day to stop racism and discrimination’: Premier Horgan

John Horgan

PREMIER John Horgan, in a statement on the apology by the City of Vancouver to Chinese Canadians, said on Sunday: “Together with the City of Vancouver, we recognize the historic wrongs suffered by the Chinese community, and commit to working every day to stop racism and discrimination, so we can make sure these wrongs are never repeated.”
Horgan in his statement said: “Today’s apology to Chinese Canadians from the City of Vancouver is necessary and important. We must recognize, remember and condemn the historic discrimination which so many members of the Chinese community endured.

“Members of the Chinese community were denied basic human rights, including the right to own property and live in a neighbourhood of their choosing. Families were broken apart by the head tax. They were denied the right to vote, and to hold public office. They were restricted to working in dangerous and undesirable jobs, and they couldn’t freely pursue an education.

“In 2014, the Province apologized for 160 wrong and discriminatory policies and laws that targeted the Chinese community. As part of that apology, we committed to stopping racism and intolerance in our communities.

“That means recognizing the role members of the Chinese community have played in the history of our province, and it means celebrating their achievements, both past and present.

“As part of that work, we have created plaques and monuments at historically significant locations, throughout the province, to commemorate the contributions Chinese Canadians have made to B.C.’s history, culture and prosperity.

“In March of this year, our government also published a special book, which honours the achievements of over 90 British Columbians of Chinese descent. We look forward to that book being in public schools and cultural centres throughout the province this fall.