WeDoLaundry: Abhishek and Mini Arora launch on-demand laundry service

Abhishek Arora

VANCOUVER and Burnaby’s residents don’t need to worry anymore. WeDoLaundry, an on-demand laundry service for people by people, has launched its own Uber-style laundry service. WeDoLaundry aims to revolutionize how we do laundry, and how one can make money off it.

“We have Uber for traveling to your office. We have AirBnb for staying somewhere great on your next vacation. So, why not something similar that takes care of laundry, which honestly we need to do every week?” says Abhishek Arora, who founded the on-demand laundry service along with his wife Mini.


It’s a win-win for everyone. People who need their laundry done can contact nearby ‘service providers’. ‘The Laundry Valets,’ as Abhishek calls them, are the ones who like to do laundry from their home, and make some quick money. Once a customer makes an order, the laundry valet picks up the laundry from their home, washes, dry and folds them, and delivers it back at a convenient time. The company ticks off the laundry to-do list successfully. The clothes are washed according to customer directions, using 100% eco-friendly and high-quality detergents, and bags tagged to ensure there is no mix-up.

Mini Arora

The new Indian immigrant couple with a background in IT launched the pilot project for Uber-style laundry service in Lower Mainland back in 2018.  “We want to make doing laundry a seamless affair. No more worrying about taking care of your home or going to the office. Enjoy your weekends, while our valet does it all,” says Mini, talking about how the new laundry project aims to make one of our most time-consuming tasks quicker.

WeDoLaundry, which has completed over 2,000 orders as of now, aims to scale up in the coming months and increase the valets from the current eight. The company aims to increase its presence in the Lower Mainland, including Richmond, New Westminster, and Surrey. For those looking for a laundry valet role in the Lower Mainland, now may be the right time to apply.

To know more about their services, and how they aim to change how Vancouverites do laundry, visit



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