West End summer events kick off with Honda Celebration of Light and Pride Parade

Photo: Celebration of Light Facebook

VANCOUVER’S Celebration of Light and Pride festivities draw both residents and visitors alike into the West End and neighbouring Kits Point.


Celebration of Light


Now in its 30th year, the annual Celebration of Light is the longest running off-shore fireworks competition in the world and one of the largest events in Vancouver.

Thousands of people will make their way to the West End and Kits Point this year to watch spectacles by teams from Japan (July 23), Canada (July 27), and Spain (July 30).

To accommodate the event, various road closures will be in effect with traffic disruptions anticipated in the West End and Kitsilano:

  • 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    • Beach Avenue from Pacific to Davie Street, periodic traffic control for event load-in
  • 7 p.m. to 12 a.m.
    • Davie Street from Denman to Burrard Street
    • Denman Street from Alberni to Beach Avenue
    • Beach Avenue/Pacific Street from Stanley Park to Thurlow Street
  • Local Traffic Access Points
    • Exit West End via Denman Street at West Georgia, Nelson, Thurlow or Burnaby Street
    • Enter West End via Denman Street at West Georgia, or Burnaby Street
    • Kits Point local access only for North of Cornwall Street from Arbutus to Chestnut Street

Vehicle access in these areas will be limited to residents with a local parking decal or vehicle registration displaying a local neighbourhood address. Transit, walking or cycling are the best options to get around town to enjoy special events.

Mobi by Shaw Go is helping to make biking to the fireworks even easier by adding docking capacity in English Bay at the Bidwell and Burnaby station. On event dates, Mobi staff will be helping end rides at busy stations in both English Bay and Kitsilano.

No open flame barbeques will be permitted in English Bay Beach Park between 2100 Beach Avenue to Bidwell Street during Celebration of Light.



Pride Parade


Celebrating its 44th year, the 2022 Annual Pride Parade is taking place Sunday July 31, 2022 from 12-3 p.m.

Road closures to facilitate the 2022 Pride Parade will include:

  • 7 a.m. – approximately 3:30 p.m.:
    • ​​Thurlow Street from West Georgia to Nelson Street
    • Alberni Street from Bute to Burrard Street
    • Robson Street from Denman to Burrard Street
    • Denman Street from West Georgia to Beach Avenue
    • Beach Avenue/Pacific Street from Denman to Thurlow Street, cyclists should walk their bikes as crowds arrive
  • Local Traffic Access Points
    • Exit Beach going east until Parade start (VPD to assist)
    • Exit West End via Nelson, Comox , Thurlow, Harwood, or Burnaby Street
    • Enter West End via Harwood, Burnaby, or Davie Street


Special event tips:
To help ensure that these events run as smoothly as possible, the City asks residents and attendees to follow these tips:

  • Protect yourself during hot weather, for tips to stay safe in the heat, visit vancouver.ca/hotweather
  • Walk, bike, roll, or take transit whenever possible
  • Stay ahead of road closures at vancouver.ca/road-closures
  • Be aware of fireworks viewing point markers, especially those marking the high tide points along the beach
  • Don’t let waste become litter: put waste in its place. Walk, bike or roll with waste to the nearest garbage, recycling or organics bin
  • Avoid single-use items and bring reusable water bottles, travel mugs, cutlery and containers
  • Use the “Pack-In, Pack-Out” method, especially for large gatherings. Group gatherings often result in excess waste and can quickly overfill waste bins. Bring waste home with you to properly sort and dispose of
  • Be considerate of the community and keep noise to a minimum when leaving evening events
  • Respect the no smoking ban in Vancouver parks and refrain from using barbeques
  • Follow safe boating guidelines and carry your boating license with you at all times if you are watching the fireworks from the water
  • Leave your pets at home. Fireworks and large crowds can be very frightening for animals. If you choose to bring your dog with you, make sure it’s wearing proper identification: 97 per cent of dogs that are licensed and wearing tags are returned to their owner. If your dog gets lost, phone 3-1-1 to inform Animal Services


Stay tuned for a few other special events before the summer season wraps up:

  • Granville Promenade – every Saturday and Sunday in August
  • Festival of India – August 28
  • Mural Fest – August 4 to August 14
  • Car Free Day, Denman Street – August 20
  • Car Free Day, Main Street – August 27
  • Taiwan Fest – September 3-5
  • RBC Gran Fondo – September 10
  • Car Free Day, Commercial Drive – September 10