73-year old Surjit Kaur dies waiting in wheelchair in Royal Columbian Hospital emergency room

FRASER Health Authority are dealing with yet another tragic incident of neglect – this time involving 73-year-old Surjit Kaur, who died in her wheelchair in the emergency room of Royal Columbian Hospital while waiting six hours without an IV or regular monitoring.

Her family lamented that she died an “undignified death.”

They told Global BC that she was taken to the emergency room on March 6. The doctors said she had a bladder infection and prescribed antibiotics for her. But when there was no improvement in her condition, a clinic doctor gave Kaur an urgent care note and sent her to the emergency room on March 14.

Kaur was seen by a doctor. She had her blood taken, and was left seated in a wheelchair in the waiting room for six hours.

Amarjit Minhas, Kaur’s niece who is a registered nurse, told Global BC she was shocked her aunt’s vitals were not being monitored in any way, and she was not receiving fluids, after vomiting and having diarrhea for over a week.

By the time the hospital found a bed for Kaur, it was too late. They tried to resuscitate her, but she finally passed away.

The VOICE was sent the following statement by Fraser Health when we inquired about this case: “We have been working closely with the family, including arranging meetings with clinical staff and administration. We have reviewed the patient’s chart and have shared all of the information related to her care with the family. Unfortunately, this woman was very ill. It is hard to lose a loved one. We are continuing to work with the family to support them through their loss.”

Lawyer Tony Bhullar, former MLA, told The VOICE that he was incensed at this incident and if the family contacts him, he will take up their case for free.