ICBC looks at anti-distracted driving technology


ICBC on Wednesday posted a Request for Information (RFI) on B.C. Bid for market research and technology aimed at reducing distracted driving.

ICBC said it is interested in understanding what technological solutions are available in the marketplace to limit or prevent driver distraction resulting from the use of personal electronic devices while driving. Exploring available anti-distracted driving technology is just one possible way to address the problem of drivers using personal electronic devices.

Last month, ICBC, government and police launched a month-long distracted driving campaign to raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of distracted driving.

In support, enhanced police enforcement targeting distracted drivers was increased and Cell Watch volunteers were on the roadside in support of the campaign. B.C. drivers can also show their support by displaying a ‘not while driving’ decal on their vehicle, available for free at ICBC driver licensing offices and participating Autoplan broker offices.