30-40 people injured in deck collapse at Aldergrove pre-wedding ceremony

A South Asian pre-wedding ceremony on Friday evening ended in chaos when a deck collapsed at a rented Aldergrove building in the area of 268th Street and 58th Avenue, resulting in 30-40 people receiving injuries. Some 19 of those injured were taken to various hospitals and one of them had to be airlifted, according to media reports. The injured included a two-year-old kid.

Rich Coleman, MLA for Langley East, turned up at the scene to make sure that people were taken care of.

However, the wedding went ahead on Saturday.

Photo courtesy CTV




  1. Building permits in place? Inspected? If not, the owners should be liable for the injuries and other damages. The deck does not appear to be built with any structural consideration. I wonder how many decks this are there in BC. Basically waiting for a collapse to happen.

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