4 males on visitor visas in suspected paving scheme in Delta in CBSA custody

Suspects may be subject to a removal order

FOUR individuals linked to scheme whereby homeowners were convinced to pay cash upfront to have their driveways repaved, have been arrested and are now in the custody of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Delta Police were alerted to the matter on January 19, when a resident reported that a man approached him claiming to own an asphalt company, and offering him a deal on repaving his driveway.

The resident became suspicious when he googled the company – Top Style Asphalt Contractors – and found it had no online presence, despite claims of a 25-year history.

At the same time as police were conducting this investigation, another complaint came in regarding a resident who had paid $1,500 earlier in January to have her driveway repaved. However, the work was not done at the agreed upon date, and the contractor was not answering phone calls.

“One of our officers realized that the two files might be related,” said Cris Leykauf, spokesperson for Delta Police. “Based on that suspicion, she took conduct of both investigations.”

Officers then embarked on a comprehensive search of the streets of North Delta on January 19, looking for the van associated to the individuals and located it that same afternoon on 119A Street. Four individuals were arrested and police determined they were in Canada on visitor visas.

“We’d now like put out the message that anyone in Delta who paid upfront to have their driveway repaved by Top Style Asphalt Contractors, to please contact Delta Police at 604-946-4411,” says Leykauf.

It is unknown at this time if Top Style Asphalt Contractors was operating in any other communities, but if this was the case, residents of those cities are encouraged to contact their police of jurisdiction, and reference Delta Police file 2020-1376.

The males are now in the custody of the Canada Border Services Agency as part of an Immigration and Refugee Protection Act investigation. They may be subject to a removal order.

Homeowners and residents who contract with companies to provide home and garden services are cautioned against paying upfront for services, and are encouraged to check into the company prior to hiring anyone.