Let the games begin! Election on October 19. What the latest poll says

IT’S official!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced on Sunday morning that the election will be held on the fixed election date of October 19.

This will be the longest federal election campaign since 1872.

That means we will have an 11-week election campaign that analysts believe would favour the Conservatives because they have the most cash. The party spending limit for a 37-day campaign is $25 million. However, if a campaign is longer than that, then each party can spend $675,000 per day beyond that sum.

Stephen Harper  PMO photo
Stephen Harper
PMO photo

There are 30 new ridings in this election: 15 in Ontario, six each in Alberta and British Columbia and three in Quebec.  Ridings have been redrawn in other provinces.


Tom Mulcair  Photo by Chandra Bodalia
T Tom Mulcair
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

(UPDATE: For the first poll after the 42nd Canadian general election was called, see story: “NDP HEADED FOR SOLID MINORITY” on this website)

Justin Trudeau  Photo by Chandra Bodalia
Justin Trudeau
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

The first leaders’ debate takes place on Thursday, August 6 and Harper, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May have all agreed to participate. Maclean’s magazine has organized the nationally televised debate in English.