AAP most likely to win in Delhi, say exit polls


New Delhi (IANS): The AAP is most likely to win the Delhi assembly elections with a seat share ranging from 31 to a staggering 53 seats, exit polls said at the end of voting Saturday.

The ABP-Nielsen survey gave the Aam Aadmi Party of former chief minister Arvind Kejriwal 39 seats and the Bharatiya Janata Party 28 seats.

Any party will need at least 36 seats to form a government in Delhi.

The Times Now-C-Voter survey said the AAP was poised to win 31-39 seats and the BJP 27-35.

The India Today-Cicero put the AAP tally at 35-43 seats and of the BJP at 23-29.

The NDTV survey said the AAP could win 38 seats and the BJP 29.

The Axis-APM poll, however, credited 53 seats to the AAP and 17 to the BJP.

All five exit polls put the Congress at a distant third, giving the party zero to a maximum of four seats.

Today’s Chanakya exit poll did not give the party break up but said in terms of who would be the best chief minister, Kejriwal scored a high mark of 53 percent.

The BJP’s chief ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi came a poor second with 36 percent rooting for her. Ajay Maken of the Congress scored six percent support.

The AAP and the BJP were widely seen as the principal contenders for power in Delhi.