Abacus Data poll shows how Canadians feel about Quebec’s Bill 21

A major poll conducted by Abacus Data for the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) provides more detail in how Canadians feel about Quebec’s Bill 21 – and how many Canadians feel it is a powerful voting issue.
Key findings demonstrate that 40% of Canadians would be more supportive of a political leader that came out against Bill 21.
Over half of Canadians (55%) say that a party’s position on the law will impact their vote. Conservative, Liberal and NDP voters are all more likely to reward their leaders for opposing it.
Furthermore, the recent firing of a teacher in Chelsea, Quebec has only intensified awareness to Bill 21, with around 70% of Canadians having heard something about the incident.
“Considering these results, we continue to call on the federal government to intervene in the legal challenge on Bill 21 to end second class citizenship,” said Lina El-Bakr, Quebec Advocacy Officer at the NCCM.
“This poll is further evidence of the mounting opposition to Bill 21 that has been growing among Canadians and Quebecers of good will,” says Mustafa Farooq, Chief Executive Officer of NCCM.