Abbotsford Police: 30 school zones enforced in 30 hours

OVER the next two days, the Abbotsford Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit will be conducting a school zone enforcement blitz. During this time, officers will provide 30 hours of targeted enforcement at 30 elementary schools in Abbotsford.

The “30 in 30” project will target motor vehicle violations including speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, distracted driving and mechanical deficiencies. 

Sgt. Desi Sansalone of Abbotsford Police’s Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) said: “We are constantly seeking innovative ways to increase road safety in our city. We are committed to slowing down drivers and protecting our children. Each school will receive an hour of proactive enforcement to reinforce our message that posted school zone signs must be adhered to. This project will extend beyond the TEU officers – resources from several AbbyPD units will come together to ensure that every elementary school within our boundaries is part of this road safety initiative.”

Road and school zone safety is a priority whenever school is in session – not just at the start of a new school year.  Motorists are reminded to always comply with school speed zones, and to remain especially vigilant during inclement weather when visibility is reduced, and roads may be slick, said police spokesperson Sgt. Judy Bird.