Abbotsford Police Department volunteers take top spot in ICBC Speed Watch Challenge

YOU’VE probably seen Speed Watch volunteers near high crash locations. Their portable speed radar equipment and big flashing reader boards give you instant feedback on how fast you’re driving. Volunteers record the vehicle speeds and submit their reports to the Traffic Enforcement Unit and ICBC. Areas with high incidents of speeding will be considered for future police enforcement.

Congratulations to the Abbotsford Police Department’s Speed Watch Team consisting of 17 volunteers who took first place in the BC wide 2019 ICBC Speed Watch Challenge.

The Speed Watch Challenge is for all speed watch volunteer groups across the province to help encourage more deployments and patrol hours out in the community and the winning group is based on the highest percent increase of patrol hours for the month of May when compared to May 2017.

The Abbotsford Police Speed Watch Volunteers had the highest percent increase for patrol hours by 477% – not to mention vehicles checked increased by 1232%, and number of deployments by 20%.

In 2017, this group of volunteers conducted 84 deployments, checking over 10, 059 vehicles. In May 2019 alone, they clocked 13, 530 vehicles over 24 deployments.

“We’re pleased to see the Abbotsford Speed Watch team take home the top prize at this year’s Speed Watch Challenge,” said Tanis Hatch, local ICBC road safety coordinator. “They worked hard and are clearly dedicated to helping keep Abbotsford roads safe. Thanks to all the volunteers and congratulations on your win.”

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