Abbotsford Reaches 125 Days Collision Fatality Free

The top priority for the Abbotsford Police Department in 2013 is Road Safety. A tremendous amount of work has taken place on both the enforcement and educational fronts to make the community’s roads safer. Collisions, especially those that involve injuries and death, dramatically impact public safety. It is the mission of the APD to make Abbotsford the safest city in British Columbia and that can only be achieved by improving conditions for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Every fatality on our roads is a tragedy for the community as well as for the friends and family of the victim. Road safety impacts us all. Today represents the 125th consecutive day that the city has avoided such a tragedy. That is a significant accomplishment that we all need to work diligently to build on.

On a daily basis Abbotsford Police officers stop drivers who are speeding, who are distracted and who are impaired. We also encounter bicyclists and pedestrians who disobey the Motor Vehicle Act and put themselves at risk. As a community we need to do better. We encourage you to acknowledge the significance of today’s milestone but we challenge you to make adjustments when you are on the road to ensure that Road Safety is your top priority as well.