Airports now charging for ‘goodbye kisses’

More than 50 percent of Britain’s airports are now charging motorists several pounds to see-off a family member or friends just outside a terminal.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, sixteen of the UK’s 30 airports are raking in millions of pounds with the so-called “kiss and drop” fees, the Daily Express reported.

They include Cardiff and Belfast -1 pound for 10 minutes, Stansted- 2 pounds for 10 minutes, Aberdeen 1.50 pounds for 15 minutes, and Manchester 2.80 pounds for 30 minutes.

London City airport is charging the most for the drop-off at a rate of 5.50 pounds for 30 minutes.

Simon Buck, chief executive of the British Air Transport Association which represents airlines told the publication that this is merely lining the pockets of airports at the expense of hard-pressed passengers.