Ajooni Loves Cake – A ‘sweet’ little lesson on selfishness and cooperation for kids


TRAVELING back through time, I don’t know if I ever really envisioned myself as authoring a book. 

Born and raised in Vancouver’s Punjabi Market, I began writing at the age of eight.  I recall one of my teachers at Vancouver’s Khalsa School campus gave us a creative writing assignment where we had to write a poem.  I vividly recall writing my very first poem which was over a page long.  Upon handing in my assignment, my teacher asked me to read it in front of the class and later that school year, he awarded me with a trophy for excellence in poetry.  That’s all it took – my journey of writing began at the age of eight.

Writing became a way in which I expressed myself – my thoughts, dreams and desires.  I wrote about anything and everything and by the end of high school, I had a collection of over 200 poems. 

Eventually, I began writing stories and sharing them with my children.  My husband would listen in and encouraged me to consider publishing my own book.

After having my twins in 2018 and being blessed with a beautiful daughter along with another son, I decided to finally publish my first book called, Ajooni Loves Cake. 

Ajooni Loves Cake is a story about a little girl, Ajooni (named after my daughter), who learns a ‘sweet’ little lesson on selfishness and cooperation.

Ajooni Loves Cake is currently sold by numerous online booksellers around the globe including Amazon, Target, Chapters Indigo, Walmart and many more.  I am humbled by the valuable feedback, reviews and encouragements that I have received for my book and am currently working on my next publication which will feature Ajooni exploring careers in a poetic way.

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I am Inspired 4 U… and one day I hope that you will be Inspired 4 others!