ALBERTA: UCP Leader Jason Kenney to seek by-election immediately

Photo: Twitter

UNITED Conservative Party (UCP) Leader Jason Kenney on Sunday announced his intention to immediately seek a seat in the Legislature in the riding of Calgary–Lougheed, following MLA Dave Rodney’s pending retirement.

“With the announcement of Dave’s retirement in Calgary–Lougheed, I am pleased to announce that I will be seeking the nomination for the United Conservative Party in Calgary-Lougheed in the coming by-election,” said Kenney.

“In the days and weeks ahead I look forward to meeting the families of Calgary-Lougheed and sharing with them the United Conservative Party’s goal of a government that is not afraid to stand up for the best interests of Alberta whether that be here in Alberta, with the Trudeau Government in Ottawa, or anywhere else our Province is under attack.”

“I thank the residents of Calgary-Lougheed for giving me the privilege of serving as their MLA for the past 13 years,” said UCP MLA Dave Rodney. “I’m confident that Jason will be an excellent representative for both the constituency and the province as a whole.”

“On behalf of the United Conservative Party, I want to thank Dave for his years of service to your constituents, to the people of Alberta, and to the Conservative movement. We wish Dave the best in your future endeavours and, and perhaps we will see him make a third trip up Mount Everest,” said Kenney.

It’s common practice for a newly-elected party leader to seek a seat in the Legislature as soon as possible. On July 8, 2000, Stockwell Day was elected leader of the Canadian Alliance. MP Jim Hart stepped aside on July 17, and Prime Minister Chretien announced a by-election on August 5, 2000. Day was elected as an MP on September 11, and became Parliament’s Leader of the Opposition. PC MPP Garfield Dunlop resigned his seat on July 22, 2015, following Patrick Brown’s election as PC leader. Premier Kathleen Wynne then called a by-election on August 1. Brown was elected MPP on September 3, and joined Queen’s Park as Leader of the Opposition.