All Star Wrestling present Midget Time in Vancouver

Friday May 22 in Vancouver at the Scottish Cultural Centre
8886 Hudson Street Vancouver
Doors open at 7 p.m. Bell time 8 p.m.

All Star Wrestling is proudly returning to Vancouver for a epic night of family entertainment.
Midget Time
Short Sleeve Sampson vs Little Prince Akeem
The Biggest match of the night will be fought between two of the best in the world. It just so happens they are Midgets. Little Prince Akeem has asked for the best competition that ASW has to offer. Well Short Sleeve Sampson answered the call. Short Sleeve is a former WWE /TNA star and is ready to go toe to toe. Vancouver are you ready to see this epic battle of the two biggest warriors in ASW! ITS MIDGET TIME

Hurricane Adam Ryder vs Loose Cannon Kenny Lush
Adam Ryder is on a whirlwind of a winning streak as of late. He has currently become the Cruiser Weight Champion but doesn’t consider himself just a cruiser weight. Ryder considers himself to be the best in ASW simply put. Answering the call was former ASW heavy weight champion Kenny Lush. Lush has fought all over the world and said he will gladly beat this punk in the squared circle and prove that Ryder is just a Cruiser weight! Hurricane vs Loose Cannon WHO WILL MAKE THE BIGGEST IMPACT!

ASW Tag Team Titles
League of Legacy vs The Breakers
Former ASW Tag Champions the Breakers will be bringing there wacky in ring behaviour to Vancouver as they face the current and defending Tag Team Champions League Of Legacy (LOL). League Of Legacy beat Gamma Jr and Jinder Mahal to become the new champions. While that may be in the past it still proves that they are the best tag team in these parts. League has youth, speed and attitude while the Breakers have Wisdom, Gas and Toughness. Can the Breakers regain what was once theirs or will the League be a unbeatable force.

ASW Ladies Title
Bambi Hall (Champion ) vs Jaida
Bambi Hall the new ASW Women’s Champion has issued a open challenge. She just recently won the title in the first female ladder match in the pacific northwest. Bambi wants to be challenged to better her craft. Bambi asked for a challenge and she received it from a bomb shell who has been turning heads and making the fans want more. Her name is Jaida and she will be the biggest challenge the Bambi has faced. Will there be a new champion… I know this much I know that these GIRLS GONE WRESTLING will make Vancouver chant we want more!

Azeem The Dream vs Don Ciever …
Team USA vs Former Team USA member. Don Ciever has heard enough from Azeem and wants to see him one on one in the middle of the ring. No other Team USA members will be with Azeem so this battle will be a even fight rite down the middle. Don is still fairly new to ASW and wants to prove that he belongs. Azeem is a seasoned fighter who is the current Firestorm Champion. Although Azeems matches end in controversy and are usually not settled. Azeem seems to secure Victory after victory. Don Ciever might just be the means to a end for Azeem and make him Humble in front of the ASW fans.

Plus Moondog Manson will defend the ASW Trans Canada Title against the radical Toga Boy!
Fan favourite Toga Boy will finally get his much deserved title shot here in ASW as he faces the Current and Newly crowned Champion Moondog Manson. Toga Boy has been a staple in ASW for many years with his mantra of PARTY EVERY NIGHT and THE POWER OF 1000 GUITARS. With the fans by his side he has over come many odds. Moondog Manson just defeated former WWE superstar Gangrel in a steel cage match and is now ready to prove that he is the best Champion that ASW has ever seen. Can the Moondog retain the gold or will the party go on strong and will we have a New ASW Champion. Ladies and gentleman are you ready for a night you will never forget.

Tickets available soon!
$20 Front Row and $15 General Admission

1505 W 66 Ave
Vancouver, British Columbia

Bruce Guitars
434 West Hasting st, Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-428-9118

for more info call
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