Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh greets Canadians on Canada Day, hails Non-Resident Indian community

Amarinder Singh

Chandigarh (PTI): Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Saturday greeted the people of Canada on the nation’s 150th anniversary, terming it a “historical moment” in the country’s progressive journey, to which the Punjabi community has significantly contributed.

In a message to the people of Canada, he said the enactment of Canada’s Constitution Act on July 1, 1867, laid the foundation for the emergence of “one of the brightest stars on the global landscape.”

The chief minister extended special greetings to the large Indian community in Canada, saying they were an “integral part of the western nation’s progress” and well respected the world over for their contribution to the development of the country.

He added that the roots of the Punjabi and Sikh Non-Resident Indian community settled in Canada continued to be deeply embedded in Punjab and they were welcome to come back to their native land whenever they wanted to.

Amarinder assured them that his government would ensure the NRIs were facilitated in setting up business or getting re-integrated into Punjab in case they chose to return.