Andrew Wilkinson and Teresa Wat on B.C. Multiculturalism Week

B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson and BC Liberal Critic for Multiculturalism Teresa Wat released the following statement on Monday for B.C. Multiculturalism Week:

“Multiculturalism Week celebrates the great diversity of cultures and backgrounds that shape our province, making it a place for so many from around the globe to feel welcome and call their home.

“British Columbia is the most culturally diverse province in all of Canada. Our diversity and spirit of inclusion has shaped our beliefs and values and allowed us to achieve economic prosperity.

“While it is important to celebrate and take pride in our achievements, it is equally important that we recognize and stand up to oppose the rising sentiments of racism and intolerance here at home and around the globe.

“During this week, we encourage everyone to take time to learn about the history of multiculturalism in B.C. and honour the vibrant heritage of our communities. Together, we can find ways to protect the spirit of inclusion and tolerance that built this province and continues to shape it every day.”