Another special flight from Amritsar leaves for Canada

Permanent Residents want to know when they will be flown back to Canada

A sixth special flight left on Friday morning from Amritsar and is on its way to Canada bringing stranded Canadians home.

The Canadian High Commissioner in New Delhi, Nadir Patel, also tweeted: “Two more flights from Amritsar to Canada will take place in the coming days, and we continue to explore further options for those wanting to return home.”

On Thursday, Patel: “Fifth special flight is on its way with Canadians returning home from Bangalore and Mumbai and surrounding areas.”

Navdeep Singh asked Patel in a tweet: “When PR holders will be allowed in these special flight[s]?”

And Raj Chahal angrily noted: “Every national flag carrier is flying out of India. Even countries like Afghanistan are repatriating their citizens. Yet Air Canada wants handouts but don’t want to help. It’s a shame for the Canadian government to arrange 7 flight[s] for 27,000 people. I wonder how they pick.”



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