Teams working 24/7 to get stranded Canadians in India back home (updates)

*Thursday Update:

Another special flight with over 360 stranded Canadians on their way home left Amritsar, the 24th flight. “More to follow. Watch for emails to those registered with ongoing updates,” tweeted High Commissioner Nadir Patel

*Wednesday Update:

The 23rd special flight from India to Canada left Amritsar today on Qatar Airways.

CANADIAN High Commissioner in New Delhi, Nadir Patel, on Tuesday assured stranded Canadians in India: “We have teams working 24/7 in Delhi and in Ottawa to support [your return]. Our agents are contacting all those that registered and completed the flight planning survey, please be patient as we get through the list, it will take time.”

Even as Patel tweeted that, permanent residents stuck in India desperately pleaded to be considered too.

Ruchika S. Kaushal tweeted in response to Patel’s announcement: “Why aren’t the permanent residents being considered Canadians [?] We too want to go back to our home as now Canada is our home. Our passports are Indian but rest everything – home, work, family are in Canada. Is not that enough to qualify to go back?”

And Hardeep Pannu tweeted (edited): “Sir, please help me to get back to Canada. I am a permanent resident. I am 31 weeks pregnant. I won’t be able to fly after couple weeks. Please help.”

According to a tweet by MP Ken Hardie, “The priority is seniors, those with significant health issues and unaccompanied minors. With tens of thousands of people looking for flights back to Canada, many will need to wait until India once again opens up its airspace to commercial traffic.”

Patel also tweeted on Tuesday: “21st special flight left Amritsar last night with stranded Canadians returning home, & the 22nd special flight leaves Amritsar in about an hour with another 360+ Canadians. Bookings continue; if you registered & completed the flight planning survey, you will be contacted.”

On Monday, Patel tweeted: “For Canadians stranded in Gujarat, we have added another special flight from Ahmedabad. Our agents are reaching out to registered Canadians that responded to our flight planning survey.”

He also tweeted: “20th special flight for stranded Canadians took off from Amritsar last night & more flights leaving Amritsar every night this week. We’ve added new flights from Ahmedabad, Delhi & Amritsar to align with demand, bookings are ongoing, thanks for your patience as we reach out.”


  1. canada will not consider permanet residents as people ? canada want our taxes our revenue not we ?

  2. hi sir i am canadian citizen and i am stuck in Mumbai please sir help me because my three kids is their please sir help me and send flight Mumbai to Canada please…… sir

  3. Hi, i am Canadian permanent resident stuck in india . I want to know how do I register myself to programmes that are being run to fly back to canada ?

  4. Hie, My Mother in law ( who is a heart patient and is running out on her medicines) my toddler son, both are Canadian citizens and I am a PR. We are from Hyderabad, India. We really want to go home, we are trying since 2 months to get help from the embassy but their is no response. We request atleast for a feeder flight to reach Delhi/Amritsar, so we can fly to Toronto from their. Helppp please

  5. I am permanent residence of Canada strands in India due to covid-19 wondering where to register to come back

  6. Except for one repatriation flight from Bengaluru the rest were from Gujarat and Northern India. We are stranded here in Southern India. PLEASE HELP.

  7. Hi permanent resident stranded here in Northern India with 4 family members
    Any update…..????

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