More flights with Canadians leave India as permanent residents continue to fume (updates)


The tenth special flight is in the air with Canadians returning home; departed Amritsar early this morning. More special flights taking place in the coming days – tweet by Canadian High Commissioner Nadir Patel

UPDATE (MONDAY): Ninth special flight leaves India

Canadian High Commissioner Nadir Patel tweeted on Monday: “The ninth special flight with stranded Canadians is on its way to Canada having left this morning from Amritsar and Delhi. More special flights taking place this week and next. Thanks to all that have helped make them happen during these unprecedented times”

UPDATE (SUNDAY): Canada organizing a series of special flights from Amritsar:

As pressure from Canadians still stranded in India continued to build up, Canadian High Commissioner in New Delhi, Nadir Patel, tweeted on Sunday: “We are aware of ongoing demand from Canadians in Punjab looking to return home, with Amritsar being the nearest airport for many. We are urgently working to finalize arrangements for a series of special flights from Amritsar to meet the demand; your patience is appreciated.”

“THE eighth special flight bringing Canadians home departed this morning from Amritsar and Delhi,” Canadian High Commissioner in New Delhi, Nadir Patel, tweeted on Friday.

He added: “More special flights have been finalized, details will be shared with those registered and have completed the flight planning survey.”

And Consul General Mia Yen tweeted with photos: “Another plane load of Canadians and their families from across Punjab headed home to Canada yesterday [Friday] on the seventh of a series of special flights. TeamChandigarh did its third 13-hour round trip to Amritsar to provide essential on-the-ground support.” 

But permanent residents remain angry at being left out. Rajinder Sharma tweeted in response: “You missed to mention that permanent residents who are alone are being left behind and are not allowed on these flights. Let the whole world know how you are treating us and how important we are for you. There will be time when our votes shall speak.”

On Tuesday, Patel had tweeted: “The 7th in a series of special flights left Amritsar & Delhi this morning, bringing more stranded Canadians home. More updates & options to follow for those Canadians looking to return home.”

Ruchit Desai tweeted to Patel: “Please concentrate on stranded [Canadian] PR in India who are bearing huge financial losses and want to return home. As lockdown is extended till May 03, It’s panic situation for them also.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just announced an extension of the lockdown in India until May 3.

Earlier in the week, Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne had tweeted an advisory to Canadian travelers in India: “We are finalizing details for a series of additional flights to be announced shortly. More details to follow. Canadians should make sure they’re registered with us to receive all the latest information:”


  1. With the sheer amount of people that are trying to get home i don’t see what the issue is with bringing citizens home first.

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