Gulshan and Pyarali Nanji Family Foundation makes $100,000 donation to COVID-19 Response in Calgary

AT a time when their country needs them the most, the Gulshan and Pyarali Nanji Family Foundation is donating to COVID-19 efforts across Canada.

The Foundation’s $100,000 gift to Calgary Health Trust will support the Clean Hands, Giving Hearts campaign, the organization’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Funds will be used to support response efforts on the front-lines at Calgary’s hospitals, support the health needs of vulnerable populations and assist with growing mental health concerns.

The Gulshan and Pyarali Nanji Family Foundation’s gift will be used to match all donations made to the Clean Hands, Giving Hearts Campaign starting Friday up to $100,000.

The family had previously made significant contributions to hospitals in Quebec and Ontario where their Canadian roots are, but it became important for them to support hospitals and healthcare across the country at a time it is most in need.

“We are incredibly proud to work with the Nanji family”, said Mike Meldrum, President and CEO of Calgary Health Trust. “They have shown tremendous philanthropic leadership in healthcare for many years, and this donation will be a significant contribution to our efforts supporting Alberta Health Services during this pandemic.”

Calgary Health Trust is working alongside Alberta Health Services to ensure that support from the community to the Clean Hands, Giving Hearts campaign will have a significant impact where and when it is needed the most.

More information on the Clean Hands, Giving Hearts campaign can be found at

PYARALI Nanji and his family were among many who were exiled from Uganda in 1972. Nanji, with his wife Gulshan and their four children, found a welcome refuge in Canada. Grateful to the country that took them in, allowing the family to start over, Pyarali and Gulshan made a pledge to give back. Their charitable giving has had a tremendous impact across Canada.

Holding firmly to the belief that a positive response to challenging times is an opportunity to demonstrate the goodness and kindness that is in us all, the Nanji Family Foundation earlier this month invited all to join with them to make a significant impact together. Starting April 2, the Nanji Family Foundation offered to match every dollar donated to the Richmond Hospital Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund up to a total of $100,000. That means your generous donation will have double the impact.

“We are so honoured that the Nanji Family Foundation has committed $100,000 in matching funds to support Richmond Hospital Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund,” says Natalie Meixner, President and CEO, Richmond Hospital Foundation. “We are thankful for their generosity and leadership, and with their amazing gift they will help us inspire others in the community to do the same during this challenging time.”

The Nanji Family Foundation invites all to join together to support this important cause.

Donate today and see your donation double instantly: