More flights with Canadians leave India

CANADIAN High Commissioner in New Delhi, Nadir Patel, tweeted  on Tuesday: “The 7th in a series of special flights left Amritsar & Delhi this morning, bringing more stranded Canadians home. More updates & options to follow for those Canadians looking to return home.”

But there was no good news for permanent residents and Ruchit Desai tweeted to Patel: “Please concentrate on stranded Candian PR in India who are bearing huge financial losses and want to return home. As lockdown is extended till May 03, It’s panic situation for them also.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced an extension of the lockdown in India until May 3.

Meanwhile, Abhilash Patel asked: “Why all flights are departing from North part of India. I am cdn citizen and I m stuck in Ahmedabad Gujarat with family. Ahmedabad airport is capable of departing international flight. FYI UK has arranged flight from AMD then why not Canada.”

Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne tweeted an advisory to Canadian travelers in India: “We are finalizing details for a series of additional flights to be announced shortly. More details to follow. Canadians should make sure they’re registered with us to receive all the latest information:”