Ant-Man (PG) ****

Mini Mite!

Pint-size fun on a grand scale comes courtesy of Ant-Man. From the winning stable of Disney Pictures and marvellous Marvel Studios this film simply rocks. Brave the long line-ups at Cineplex Odeon Theatres around B.C. and reap the rewards.

Comic fans everywhere were unsure when Paul Rudd got the call to play the lead. Funny how fans also questioned the casting of Daniel Craig when he assumed the coveted James Bond role. Guess what – on both counts the producers and studio execs were right as the public so rightly has taken/will take both actors to heart.

Set in balmy San Francisco Ant-Man revolves around the plight of master scientist Dr. Hank Pym. Looking better than ever is Michael Douglas (Basic Instinct) whose invention of a formula for miniaturization of molecules becomes a pawn in a bitter power play. When his scientific breakthrough falls into the wrong hands the good father enlists the help of Scott Lang, an unsuspecting two bit hood with a knack for petty crime. Going against his usual comic type Paul Rudd (Knocked Up) simply shines as the nerdy loser who winds up “downsizing” and ultimately leading a colony of insects on a secret mission to save the world.

Fantastic special effects, a smart story, solid pacing, great tongue-in-check dialogue full of quips and outstanding casting make Ant-Man just a lot of fun. Stay through all the end credits for two smart tacked on scenes . Here even the 3D works flawlessly with great depth of perception, Given a strong supporting cast including Evangeline Lilly and a scene stealing Michael Pena help turn this 117 minute fantasy from Peyton Reed into a blast to experience.

By Robert Waldman