Appreciate your mother this May 11

HARNOOR GILLTHE best day of the month in May award would have to go to Mother’s Day. This is because Mother’s Day is to thank your mother for everything she has done for you in life and spending time with your mother as well. This year for Mother’s Day, I’m going to make it the best by going out and volunteering with my mother in the community.

This not only makes up for spending time with her as well as going out in the community to volunteer, it’s just perfect! A combination like this is hard to come by but it’s something that I suggest that people should do on Mother’s Day with their mothers. Mother’s Day is to honor mothers as well as honor the influence of mothers in society. This day is mostly celebrated during spring and in Canada, it’s celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Nowadays, the sad thing about most public holidays like this are that it has gotten so commercialized that people have forgotten about the true meaning of days like Mother’s Day.

This year Mother’s Day is on the 11th of May and I believe that this year everyone should follow this motto of mine. By following the motto of volunteering the community will bring mothers together and unite on this day.

I understand that I am definitely not a normal teenager because I do things that the ordinary teenager would not even think about. This includes all the volunteering, sports, and extracurricular activities while also attending school. That really gets me stressed sometimes. I can only imagine the amount of stress that my mom would get from driving me from place to place, waiting for something to end in the car or even dealing with my complaining at home. After realizing all of this, I can understand that parenting must be a pain because of all of the difficulties you have to go through in the span of a day.

In conclusion, I would like to say that let’s change the message of Mother’s Day. This is to stop the rapid commercialization that goes on for Mother’s Day. Let’s just remember the original message that buying a gift doesn’t make your mom happy but doing something special for her does. It’s honestly not that hard.

Grade 10 student
Christ The King Catholic Secondary
Georgetown, Ontario