Arman Dhatt, Pardip Brar and Rajvir Sunner arrested and charged in Surrey-Delta shootings as police go all out to stem violence

Pardip Brar RCMP photo
Pardip Brar
RCMP photo

21 vehicles, 13 weapons, more than $23,000 seized


THE Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU-BC), Surrey RCMP, and Delta Police on Tuesday reassured residents of Surrey and Delta that they continue to take a collaborative approach on the disruption and dismantling of the groups believed to be involved in the shootings that have occurred in Surrey and Delta over the past two months.

Since March 9, the Surrey RCMP and Delta Police Department have responded to 30 shootings, with 15 of those believed to be between two groups who are thought to be in competition over the street-level drug trade.

Police said the victims in the shootings remain uncooperative and, throughout the investigation, it has also become apparent that vehicles are fleeing from the police.  Since April 1, 40 vehicles failed to stop for police during the combined enforcement initiative, demonstrating that vehicles linked to the investigation are avoiding police at all costs.

Police officers do not engage in vehicle pursuits when it is deemed that a pursuit will endanger the lives of the public. On one occasion, a CFSEU-BC marked car was rammed by a suspect vehicle to avoid the traffic stop.

Despite these challenges, the three police agencies have been engaged in numerous enforcement and covert operations in order to identify witnesses, increase intelligence, and disrupt the illegal activities of the groups involved.

“We are continuing to work together to ensure community safety and that those engaging in this behaviour will be held accountable.  These incidents remain our top priority and focus,” said Delta Police Acting Chief Lyle Beaudoin.

To date, four separate search warrants have been executed and the following have been arrested and / or charged (additional charges are being considered):

  1. Arman Dhatt – 19 charges
  2. Pardip Brar – 12 charges
  3. Rajvir Sunner – 4 charges
  4. Two other males arrested and released pending further investigation

In addition to the search warrant executions mentioned above, the agencies have strategically redeployed resources to areas of the city where they believed violence might occur. The following statistics reflect the significant joint traffic enforcement work done in the area since April 1:

* Vehicles checked: 499

* Violation tickets issued: 198

* Vehicles seized: 21

* Weapons seized: 13

* Money seized: $23,730

“Police are doing everything they can to eliminate this threat.  We are also collaborating with the community on many levels to ensure that we utilize all of the tools and resources available, including new and innovative approaches,” said Chief Superintendent Kevin Hackett, Officer-in-Charge of the CFSEU-BC.

On April 20 a dedicated tip line was launched to gather information about the shootings.  To date, there have been 131 calls to the tip line with 14 being of high value to the investigations. Police ask anyone with information on any of the shootings to call the tip line at 604-915-6566.

Throughout the investigation it has become apparent that vehicles are fleeing from the police at an alarming rate.  Since the beginning of April, 40 flights from police were confirmed during the collective CFSEU, Surrey RCMP, and Delta enforcement initiative.  Vehicles that have been linked to the investigation are avoiding police at all costs and at the mere sighting of a police car, they will detour around the police to avoid detection.

“These criminals are once again showing a callous disregard for public safety by endangering the lives of the public through their reckless driving,” says Chief Superintendent Bill Fordy, Officer-in-Charge Surrey RCMP.

Officers have not been engaging in pursuits as the suspect vehicles are fleeing at a high rate of speed.  On one occasion, a CFSEU-BC uniform car was rammed by a suspect vehicle to avoid the traffic stop.  Of note, six vehicles have been captured and seized as a result of failing to stop.


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