United Truckers Association has informational session with MPs, B.C. ministers and MLAs

(L-R) Bruce Ralston, Randeep Sarai, Ken Hardy, Sukh Dhaliwal and Joe Peschisolido.

THE United Truckers Association (UTA) arranged for several hundred members to hold an informational session with a number of MPs, B.C. ministers and MLAs over the weekend, where the organizations key issues were outlined, according to an UTA press statement.
In spite of several attempts over the past two years, this was the first time that the UTA has been able to gather such a group of elected representatives together in one room.
The UTA’s ongoing issues with labour mobility, unlawful industry activities and unfair punitive requirements were presented, and all were given one month to report back on progress at another UTA gathering scheduled for December 10.
The UTA’s approach represents a new era for the way in which the organization deals with those that are tasked with representing the interests of the people, according to UTA spokesperson Gagan Singh.
“Sunday’s meeting was an effective way to clearly outline the UTA’s points to federal and provincial officials, and now the ball is in their court to take action,” said Singh. “There is no longer an opportunity for avoidance by claiming that these issues are not in their jurisdiction, because the reality is that measures towards progress can be made.
All of those in attendance have been invited to return back to the UTA’s next gathering, where their efforts will be judged by UTA members who are desperate to have fairness, lawful behavior and free market principles returned to the local drayage industry, the UTA said.

Members of Parliament that attended:

Randeep Sarai

Ken Hardy

Sukh Dhaliwal

Joe Peschisolido


Members of Legislative Assembly that attended

Minister Bruce Ralston

Minister Jinny Sims

Jagrup Brar

Garry Beg

Rachna Singh