ASW presents Midget Time 4 in Cloverdale May 29

Midget Time
Ladies and Gentleman Boys and Girls Children of all ages! All Star Wrestling is proudly returning to Cloverdale for a epic night of FAMILY entertainment.
Midget Time
Short Sleeve Sampson vs Little Prince Akeem
The Biggest match of the night will be fought between two of the best in the world. It just so happens they are Midgets. Little Prince Akeem has asked for the best competition that ASW has to offer. Well Short Sleeve Sampson answered the call. Short Sleeve is a former WWE /TNA star and is ready to go toe to toe. Cloverdale are you ready to see this epic battle of the two biggest…warriors in ASW! ITS MIDGET TIME
Short Sleeve SampsonEvery generation has an icon that stands as a symbol for his era. For those who watched the evolution of the “mighty midgets” since it first emerged in the 1950’s, they will recall the exploits of the late Sky Low Low as the best in his field. However, that top spot in the genre sat vacant for close to two decades until the torch was passed to Short Sleeve Sampson.Originally from Warwick, Rhode Island and now making his home in Syracuse, New York, Short Sleeve Sampson started his journey in professional wrestling in 1999, training for the mat in the northeastern United States. His skills in the ring and his magneti…c personality propelled him into an aggressive schedule which has included appearances in all corners of North America including multiple appearances for the WWE, TNA Impact Wrestling, Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling and more.

In fact, Short Sleeve holds the rare distinction of being one of the few wrestlers, not under contract with the WWE to be featured in a full page article in the company’s “Smackdown magazine”. Sampson was featured after he appeared in a rare feature match on October 25, 2005 against Pitbull Patterson, proposed to be the re-launch of the midget wrestling genre on national television.

During his career he has had the opportunity to work with and alongside some of the biggest names in the sport including Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and countless others. A testament to his place in the wrestling industry, in June 2014, Sampson was awarded with distinction by the wrestling industry at an event in Las Vegas hosted by the hardcore legend Terry Funk and legendary four Horsemen manager, J.J. Dillon.

Prince Akeem

A proud ambassador of his African heritage, Prince Akeem has been one of the true road warriors of his division over the past 13 years, appearing on tours internationally, including Canadian engagements from Quebec to remote outposts in the Northwest Territories.
Known for his devious tactics between the ropes and for his glamorous social life, rubbing elbows with entertainment’s elite – including Darius Rucker (pictured), the Prince has been making life unbearable for the Midget Wrestling Warriors fan favorites.
Through his personal assistant he has sent word ahead to Cloverdale that when he appears here on May 29th., he expects that the red carpet will be rolled out, and that the loyal subjects to his throne remember to bow down upon his arrival and maintain absolute silence as he imparts his royal decree.

ASW Ladies Title
Bambi Hall vs Annie Richards
Bambi Hall the new ASW Women’s Champion has issued a open challenge. She just recently won the title in the first female ladder match in the pacific northwest. Bambi wants to be challenged to better her craft. Bambi asked for a challenge and she received it from a bomb shell who has been turning heads and making the fans want more. Her name is Annie Richards and she will be the biggest challenge the Bambi has faced. Will there be a new champion… I know this much I know that these GIRLS GONE WRESTLING will make Cloverdale chant we want more!!!!!

ASW Cruiserweight Title
Hurricane Adam Ryder vs Alexander Hammerstone
Adam Ryder is on a whirlwind of a winning streak as of late. He has currently become the Cruiser Weight Champion but doesn’t consider himself just a cruiser weight. Ryder considers himself to be the best in ASW simply put. Answering the call is a man who is chiselled with a resemblance to the god known as THOR.  This will be a Battle between 2 warriors that has to be seen live.  What ever you do DO NOT MISS this battle of epic proportions!
Moondog Manson will defend his ASW Trans Canada Title v Salty The Seaman
After defeating the Vampire Warrior in a Steel Cage Last month in Cloverdale, Moondog Manson has asked he defend the ASW Title at every show.  Moondog has asked that he has the biggest and most talented stars in ASW to wrestle against.  To answer the call is none other then Salty The Seaman.  Although Salty may be new to ASW he is eager to prove that “Every One Loves A Seaman” and wants to get straight to the top!  Can Salty defeat the Hardcore Legend of the Pacific Northwest and become the New ASW Champion or will Moondog Show Salty just how Mat Savvy he really is.  This will be one for the ages and it just so happens your all invited to witness this first hand!
Kellen Raeth vs Cougar Meat Collin Cutler …
High octane comes to mind when ever you see these two wrestlers on the same card.  Kellen Raeth  is a dominant force in Washington State and wants to prove it isn’t a fluke.  Cougar Meat Collin Cutler has walked the walk here in ASW but requires some new challenges.  Collin has been Tag Champions and Cruiserweight Champion and would like to one day become ASW Champion.  So with that there needs to be tests to see just how bad Collin wants that.  One thing though Kellen also stated that he wants to be the man here in ASW so folks this is looking like it will be a match made for the fans.
$15 General Admission are AVAILABLE
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