BC Liberal leadership hopeful Kevin Falcon stoutly defends South Asian supporters in voter fraud controversy

BC Liberal leadership hopeful Kevin Falcon lashed out against party members who were reportedly singling out South Asians to “prove their membership adequacy” as his rival leadership candidates seemed to gang up on him.

Falcon is considered the front runner and has been constantly under attack by the BC NDP.

On Tuesday, Falcon tweeted: “Since launching my campaign, I’ve argued our Party needs a ‘root to branch’ rebuild to ensure we reflect the diversity of our communities. More diversity in key positions ensures systemic disenfranchisement will never happen again.

“In this day and age, it is completely unacceptable for a party to single out members of racialized communities for their involvement in politics.

“I’ve dedicated over 20 years of my life proudly working in the Asian/South Asian communities and will not tolerate those members being singled out to prove their membership adequacy.

“I want to lead a party that is principled, diverse, and welcomes British Columbians from all walks of life.”

Falcon also tweeted: “I’m proud to have the support of the most MLAs, riding association presidents, MPs, former MLAs, and former MPs.

“As of today, I can announce that my campaign also has the support of the largest number of mayors and councillors.

“Thank you all for your support!”

On Thursday, Falcon tweeted: “As BC Liberals, we must embrace all British Columbians and ensure our Party reflects the diversity of the communities we hope to serve. If we do that, we’ll win back seats in Surrey, Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, and every other region where we lost to the NDP!”