Over $125,000 in expenses mysteriously disappear off Falcon campaign disclosure: NDP

AFTER massively overspending the expense limit for the BC Liberal leadership race, Falcon’s campaign filed an amended report that removed $125,000 in expenses without explanation, the NDP said on Tuesday.

It pointed out that in his original leadership campaign financial disclosure, Falcon reported $1,078,220 in expenses – exceeding the BC Liberal Party’s $600,000 spending limit by $478,220.

But in a subsequent amended report, Falcon’s campaign expenses went down by $125,783. The expenses disappeared from a generic line item labeled “other contestant expenses.”

Falcon’s leadership campaign incurred a significant amount of debt. As of the most recent amended disclosure, the campaign hadn’t yet paid off its $100,000 in loans from RBC.

NDP MLA Dan Coulter said: “People expect their elected officials to operate within the rules and to be transparent. Kevin Falcon needs to explain how he overspent his own party’s contribution limits and how $125,000 worth of expenses have gone missing from his public disclosures. This is very concerning and British Columbians deserve an answer from Kevin Falcon.”


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