BC Liberals say drivers being led down the road with ICBC rebate

THE BC Liberals said on Tuesday that as one of the last provinces to see a reduction of auto insurance rates as a direct result of the pandemic, drivers in British Columbia are receiving $100 less than those in other provinces that have already had their rebates for months.

“It’s totally unacceptable that B.C. drivers are among the last in the country to see any reduction of auto insurance rates as a direct result of fewer accidents during the pandemic,” said MLA Mike Morris, Opposition Critic for Public Safety and Solicitor General. “Although this is welcome news for drivers, it should have happened months ago and it’s confusing why it will take another six weeks to deliver.”

The announcement of a $190 rebate per policyholder falls far short of what insurers in other jurisdictions throughout the country have provided, where drivers have seen an average of $280 in savings.

“Premier Horgan promised that all British Columbians would receive their BC Recovery Benefit by Christmas, but more than 300,000 people throughout B.C. are still waiting on their cheques,” Morris said. “This is another example of John Horgan playing politics instead of helping British Columbians during a pandemic.”

BC Liberals say that ICBC rates have risen dramatically since the NDP assumed office in 2017, so any rebate will have only a small effect on rising insurance rates, especially for new and young drivers.