BC Liberals slam government on housing crisis

THE BC Liberals said on Tuesday that as alarming incidents in homeless encampments continue and with no sign of relief in an unaffordable housing market, Premier John Horgan and the NDP continue to dodge responsibility, pass blame, and take little action.

“People are waiting on new action from this government to fix the twin crises of housing and homelessness in our province and we continue to see nothing but excuses from John Horgan and the NDP,” said BC Liberal Housing Critic Ben Stewart. “We have an affordability crisis with no end in sight, the cost of rent continues to rise, speculation tax revenue is being mismanaged, renters have yet to see a dime of the $400 renters’ rebate that was promised four years ago, and our communities have been shocked by tragic incidents tied to encampments in local parks.”

The BC Liberals said that by delaying the start of the spring Legislative session, John Horgan and the NDP have decided that debating legislation and acting on these concerns is not in their best interest, much to the dismay of British Columbians struggling through this pandemic. With renters paying almost $2,400 more per year under the NDP and housing prices nearing all-time highs, February could have seen action taken that could help people’s housing needs immediately.

“Minister Eby said that encampment-related violence was “disturbingly predictable,” so why is the NDP waiting to take action and protect people? It is sad and simply unacceptable that our communities and residents are faced with this hardship,” added Stewart. “Where is the plan to step in and provide true help and wrap-around supports for those experiencing homelessness? Where is the relief for renters? All I see is a government being happily hands-off.”


  1. For those who voted for NDP because they thought NDP had a magic to suddenly crash the housing market, then they could buy a house with the price from 1990s, now ask yourself, “have you bought one?”
    What NDP doing is not trying to increase affordability, but NDP is robbing homeowners of homes with price over $3 million. NDP taxed expensive homes like a daylight robbery, so now demand has turned to cheaper homes. Investors attack entry-level homes because the tax is much much lower. Ask yourself, when you said you could not afford a property, did you mean mansion on entry level property? The excuse NDP created this robbery taxes, Horgan said because homeowners already made money from their investment. Dude, if because people already made money then we can rob them, why don’t you go to walmart, grab some groceries and refuse to pay, because walmart already made lots of money over the years. Same with amazon. Or maybe refuse to pay mortgage interest to Scotia or BMO, because those banks already made lots of money. That is simply a justification for a criminal activity performed by NDP. The reality now is that entry level homes have been skyrocketing in price, and mansions have been plunging. The only people benefitted from NDP’s tax-grab are mansion hunters from Asia. Now they can grab a mansion on bargain. They say, “Xie-Xie NDP”. For those who could not afford under Liberal, continue to live in your shared room in the basement, but now better, NDP provides you few hundred dollar every year to sharpen your beggar mentality, so you can become renter forever. By the way, your few hundred dollar comes from me being grabbed by NDP. I spend less on my kids to give you this renter rebates.

  2. The liberals got us into the Housing Crisis, running amuck for more than a decade. The NDP got elected in 2017, and there have been some exceptional gains in that time. Give it time.

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