BC Liberals slam NDP following long-term care transparency revelations

INTERIM Leader of BC Liberals Shirley Bond on Friday said in a statement on the recent revelations about the policy not to declare outbreaks in long-term care homes: “The recent revelations about the secrecy and a lack of data transparency around outbreaks in B.C.’s long-term care facilities should shock all British Columbians.

“Families lost loved ones in long-term care throughout B.C. and they deserve answers from the government.

“British Columbians deserve to know that happened and why it was kept from the public, but the Premier and the Health Minister have been absent since these serious revelations came to light.

“Given [Premier] John Horgan’s poor track record with transparency, families impacted deserve a full public accounting of what occurred, and we will continue to press his government for answers and accountability.

“Anything less is simply unacceptable.”


  1. Shirley Bond should clean up the Liberals back yard, before acting a little pompous like she always does, when talking about the NDP. The BC Liberals claw at anything to stick on John Horgan because he is the person they need to lose credibility, what other way in long tern care home when the CEO is none other than Terry Lake former BC Liberals Health Minister! He might be a CEO in a Liberals bastion of perks for former insiders and high profile BC liberals runs with a coalitions in BC Care Providers Association ! She asks for transparency with accountability. She should be the one to follow her words with Triple deletes and accountability in what did they have to hide?.

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