BC Liberals will waive $200 medical exam fee for senior drivers

A BC Liberal government will cover the costs for senior drivers who face medical exams.

“The current system isn’t working for seniors and we need to fix it,” said BC Liberal candidate Michelle Stilwell, who is running for re-election in Parksville-Qualicum. “Senior drivers shouldn’t take an extra financial hit for medical exams and under a BC Liberal government they won’t.”

The BC Liberals said that British Columbians want safe roads but they also want seniors to be treated fairly. Under the current system, beginning at age 80 and every two years thereafter, drivers must be assessed by their doctor and submit a Driver Medical Examination Report (DMER) to RoadSafetyBC. Seniors — many who are on fixed incomes — are currently responsible for covering the DMER cost out-of-pocket, which can be as high as $200.

“We support the efforts to keep our roads safe but we’ve heard from many seniors about the added stress that comes with being forced to pay for the exams,” said Stilwell. “The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles is responsible for deciding who is tested and the province should, and will, cover the cost of those exams.”