BC supports national cyberbullying recommendations

Attorney General and Minister of Justice Suzanne Anton has issued the following statement:

“Electronic and online communications play a central role in the lives of Canadians, and our youth in particular. While electronic devices, websites and social media can connect individuals and provide a source of entertainment, they also can be used to harm others.

Canadians have every expectation that our laws ensure their privacy and safetywhen engaging in these activities.

“That’s why British Columbia brought the issue of cyberbullying to the table at the federal-provincial-territorial justice and public safety ministers’ meeting in Regina in 2012. The subsequent report, which has been released today by the federal minister of justice on behalf of federal, provincial and territorial ministers of justice, outlines important next steps as we continue our collective work to combat cyberbullying and the distribution of intimate images.

“The B.C. government supports the report’s nine recommendations, including the modernization of several specific Criminal Code provisions.

We already are following the recommendation that a multi-layered approach be applied when dealing with these social problems. They cannot be solved through criminal law alone. That’s why government has implemented innovative education programs and an online reporting tool.

“While the federal government and the provinces consider these proposed Criminal Code changes, it’s important for parents, guardians, schools, classmates, the police and community groups to work together on prevention, and stand united in the protection of our youth against these exploitive activities.”