BC United Leader Falcon: ‘Killing of a Canadian in B.C. by a foreign government can’t be tolerated’

B.C. Official Opposition Leader Kevin Falcon said in a statement on Monday after the Canadian government accused the Government of India of involvement in the fatal shooting of Canadian citizen Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil: “The alleged targeting and killing of a Canadian citizen in British Columbia by a foreign government is an egregious act that cannot be tolerated.

“No killing of any Canadian, no matter who they are or who was responsible, should go unpunished.

“Immediately following this assassination in June, I wrote to the federal Minister of Public Safety encouraging him to do all within his powers to ensure that this crime was investigated and those responsible for this heinous killing be brought to justice. I also strongly recommended that proper police security be provided to those whom intelligence sources indicate are at risk of harm.

“Today’s troubling revelation from the federal government of a purported extrajudicial killing of a Canadian, apparently at the behest of the Indian government, no doubt has many others in our province now worried for their safety.

“I am once again calling on the government to bring this killer, or killers, to justice, and immediately provide police security to those who intelligence sources indicate are at possible risk. Anything less would be an abdication of our responsibility to all those who call this country home.”


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