Beauty Queens Under Threat From Buttock Injections

Venezuela, the country which has the reputation of winning most International Beauty Pageants, is under the threat of fatal Buttock Injections. Till date; Venezuela has received 6 Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International titles and one Miss Earth title.

As reported, the buttock injections are so deadly that 17 women have died in the past 12 months.Though the practice is banned but women seeking the procedure are getting it secretly injected in a beauty salon and gym.

The President of the Venezuelan Plastic Surgeons Association says that the injections take just 20 minutes, but they can never fully be taken out. 100 percent of cases have become complicated till date and it could take four days or it could take 20 years, but eventually the patient will become irreversibly sick.

The injections cost just $8.These injections are the latest in a long list of beauty procedures and in a beauty obsessed country an estimated 30 percent of Venezuelan women aged 18 to 50 are undergoing these surgical procedures.

So, sometimes the quest for beauty can lead to dangerous and fatal complications.