British Columbia’s new area code available June 1

British Columbia’s new area code, 236, will be available for use across the province starting June 1. This new area code is being introduced in response to the increasing demand for phone numbers in B.C., which will result in some communities running out of numbers within the existing area codes in the near future. The new code will ensure that there will continue to be enough numbers to meet the demand.

The new area code will initially be introduced slowly across the province, only given to residents or businesses acquiring new phone numbers in areas where there is no longer a sufficient supply of numbers within the existing area codes – 604, 250, and 778. Each geographic area has a different supply of numbers within existing area codes, making it difficult to determine when a specific area will begin to see the 236 area code in use.

There will be no changes to existing phone numbers, but customers may be offered a 236 number when they contact a provider for a new service.

The geographic boundaries for long distance calls and three-digit numbers such as 211, 311, 411, 611 and 911 will not be affected.