British Sikhs campaign manifesto targets 50 seats across Britain

London (IANS): The British Sikh community has launched a first-of-its-kind political campaign targeting 50 seats nationwide, including three in west London, for the impending 2015 general elections.

Hundreds of people from gurdwaras and British Sikh organisations attended a campaign launch in support of a 10-point manifesto at the Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Southall Jan 31, reported Wednesday.

Sikh Federation (UK) chairman Amrik Singh said” “Our manifesto topics are of such importance to the British Sikh community that the response of parties and candidates to them will determine how many in the community vote.”

He said big issues related to the community need to be addressed.

“We are looking for firm commitments from each political party on the big issues.”

Labour party’s Ed Miliband said: “I think the Sikh Manifesto 2015-2020, written by the Sikh Federation UK, demonstrates the commitment of British Sikhs to be actively involved with the political process, and is a great way of empowering the British Sikh community.”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, said: “I warmly welcome the Sikh Federation’s ambition to encourage the British Sikh community to engage with politics at all levels and I congratulate the federation for all the hard work it has already done to increase the awareness and importance of social and political activism within the British Sikh community.”