Burnaby RCMP respond to Simon Fraser Hills Park neighbourhood concerns

BURNABY RCMP has responded to the community’s concerns surrounding several incidents that have recently occurred in the area of Simon Fraser Hills Park.

On Wednesday, March 31, Burnaby RCMP received a report of an 18-year-old man offering marijuana to a youth. At the time of the complaint, there was no information provided to police to cause immediate fear of injury to any of the parties involved.

With the information provided by the complainant, including a license plate number, police were able to identify a suspect and visit his home. Charges under the Cannabis Control and Licencing Act are being considered. No one was injured as a result of this incident.

On Sunday, April 4, the Burnaby RCMP received several reports of gunshots in the area of Simon Fraser Hills Park. A total of 10 RCMP officers responded and arrested the same 18-year-old man in possession of a C02 airsoft gun. Firearms offences and uttering threats charges are being considered. No one was injured as a result of this incident.

Since these two incidents, Burnaby RCMP say they have received a number of complaints where the same 18-year-old is reported to have been causing a disturbance in the Simon Fraser Hills Park area.

“The Burnaby RCMP Youth Section is actively engaged with this 18-year-old and his family, meeting and speaking with him regularly,” says Cpl. Brett Cunningham of the Burnaby RCMP. “Given a number of complaints near the Stony Creek Community School, the Burnaby RCMP Youth Section is also in close conversation with the Burnaby School District.

“We understand that these incidents have generated a lot of discussion and want to reassure the community that police are actively involved in a resolution. We ask that you continue to report all suspicious and concerning activity as we continue to work with our community partners who are already engaged with the individual in question. Community safety is our primary concern.”

Burnaby RCMP say they have been made aware of online social media conversations identifying the individual in the March 31 investigation and the April 4 investigation as being a gang member. Burnaby RCMP have also been made aware of conversations identifying him as having attempted to lure or abduct children. Burnaby RCMP say they would like to reassure the public that they have no information to believe the 18-year-old has any gang affiliation, nor do they have any information to believe he has attempted to abduct a child.

Burnaby RCMP say they will continue to gather information and evidence while continuing to assess any risks to the public while they come to a resolution.