Bus users may have to pay twice for SkyTrain

TransLink has announced that under its new Compass Card system, bus passengers who pay cash fares will no longer be able to use their transfers on the SkyTrain system because the transfers will not be compatible with the electronic fairgates.

Those passengers will have to purchase another Compass single-trip ticket from a machine if they wish to transfer onto the SkyTrain.

“Well, I think that’s just another great example of a transition in policy that’s not well thought out,” said Surrey Coun. Tom Gill. “I think there’s total disrespect in terms of the users and expectations of the users.”

Gill said it shows how disconnected TransLink is from its users.

TransLink says it would be too expensive to convert all the fare boxes. It’s been reported that the cost to retrofit the fare boxes on all CoastMountain buses to provide Compasscompatible passes could be as high as $25 million.

TransLink spokesman Derek Zabel said the majority of transit users already use prepaid media, and estimates about 6,000 passengers will likely be affected by the change.

Passengers can avoid the double fare by getting a Compass Card, which will also offer a discounted rate and can be used across the transit system.