Cactus Club offer their “unreserved apology” to South Asian university students who were asked to leave Coquitlam restaurant

CACTUS Club on Wednesday told The VOICE that they deeply regret the incident in which South Asian university students were asked to leave their Coquitlam restaurant last Saturday and offered them their “unreserved apology.”

Cactus Club emailed the following statement to this newspaper after we reached out to them for their version of the event: “Last Saturday night, a group came into our Coquitlam location. Our security personnel believed that a few members of the party were connected to a serious incident that occurred at another one of our restaurants, and the RCMP were called. The RCMP arrived and the group was asked to leave the restaurant.

“After reviewing the situation, it is clear we made a mistake. They should not have been asked to leave.

“We recognize how upsetting this experience was for the guests involved. We deeply regret what occurred and offer our unreserved apology.”


THE group of South Asians posted a video on TikTok about their nasty experience, accusing the Cactus Club in Coquitlam of throwing them out “just for being brown.”

The inscription on the video reads: “12 university students were kicked out of Cactus Club in Coquitlam last night by the police without even checking their ID just for being brown.”

However, Coquitlam RCMP media spokesperson Constable Deanna Law told The VOICE on Wednesday that the RCMP were “contacted to assist Cactus Club security with approximately twelve unwanted guests.”

She said that she could not speak too much about the incident because of privacy issues, but added: “From what I can see in the file, the group was asked to leave by Cactus Club security due to an incident that allegedly occurred in a Langley Cactus Club.”