Can the South Asian community be healthier?

OF course the South Asian community can be healthier but we need your help to make it happen. The My Health My Community Survey was launched in June 2013 and is coming to a close soon. The survey asks people to provide information about their health, lifestyle choices, community involvement and neighbourhood characteristics. The findings will help us develop policies, strategies and programs that promote health and wellness in our community.

We are at 26% of our goal of hearing from the South Asian population which means we need 700 more of you – to help make the South Asian community healthier. Take the survey today at Participants will be entered into a draw for an iPad and other prizes. Chances of winning a prize are one in 500!

Just as any other group, the South Asian community represents unique issues, opportunities and approaches. It’s important that we hear from people who identify as South Asian so that we can ensure the community can be best served by relevant programs and services.

It is critical that our community respond to this survey to ensure we have meaningful data to help us identify what’s preventing people from leading healthier lifestyles where they live, work, learn and play. The survey aims to gather the information we need to tailor health and social services to the communities that need them. One group of people may need more services for children at risk; another may need to focus on seniors with mobility issues. We need to know this to make the most effective use of our resources.

Health surveys are a recognized part of community health assessment because they provide information that may not be available in any other way. They help to quantify population health status, can examine prevalence of specific risk factors and seek user or patient perspectives. Bottom line – survey results will provide a greater understanding of the needs of our communities and allow informed action to address them.

For more information and to take the survey, go to

Though not obvious, contributing to My Health My Community makes the most sense if we realize doing so means we are helping ourselves, certainly at the community level, but even as individuals. We are all responsible for the health of our community.

Medical Health Officer
Vancouver Coastal Health