Canada’s worst ‘road-rager’ could be an Edmonton man

He’s only 25 but Timothy Justin Mack has already racked up a fearful record of terrorizing his fellow motorists in Edmonton.

Mack was arrested July 31, and charged with several offences after allegedly chasing another car and allegedly trying to run it off the road with his large SUV, CBC News reported.

According to police, the early-morning incident began when a motorist tried to pass Mack, who was driving erratically at half the posted speed limit and hitting the curb.

Mack allegedly started throwing garbage at the other vehicle and challenged the driver to a fight. When the other motorist tried to escape, it’s alleged Mack kept pace and swerved at him in an apparent attempt to force him off the road. The other driver managed to get a photo of the SUV’s licence plate before it fled.

CBC News said it had obtained documents showing Mack had two previous road-rage convictions and was on probation for one of them when the latest alleged incidence took place in April.

According to a police affidavit connected with this case, Mack has been involved in eight other reported road-rage incidents dating back to 2005, the Edmonton Journal said.
He was previously convicted of assaulting a man who was going out with his ex-girlfriend. He stopped behind the man’s car at an intersection, walked up to the window and punched him several times. When the other man fled, Mack chased him, forced his car to stop and punched him some more.

Later the same day, Mack and two companions dragged him from his vehicle and beat him so severely he suffered a broken and injuries to his back, face and ribs, CBC News reported.

Mack wasn’t even driving when, in 2011, he jumped out of his girlfriend’s car when it was stopped behind another vehicle in a construction zone. He dragged that driver from his car and, in front of his wife and three children, punched him twice in the face, breaking his nose.

That earned Mack a conviction for assault earlier this year, for which he received a 24-month suspended sentence.
The police affidavit listed several other incidents for which he was never charged.

Mack, who’s being held without bail pending next court appearance a week from now, hasn’t killed anyone, so far. But he clearly needs to be taken off the road.