Canadian Federation of Fiji Organizations fundraising for victims of Cyclone Yasa

THE Canadian Federation of Fiji Organizations (CFOFO) has been fundraising for the unfortunate victims of Cyclone Yasa, a top category five storm, that devastated the Fiji Islands last month. 
Shannon Permal, Chair of CFOFO, told The VOICE: “This cyclone has established itself as one of the strongest natural disasters to have affected the Fiji Islands within the last few years. Currently, our organization has been collecting donations via e-transfer and mail-in cheques to be able to send to TISI Sangam Society of Fiji – a reputable non-profit organization operating across Fiji.”

Permal added: “So far, our organization has raised and sent FJ$15,668.24 (Canadian $10,000) to TISI Sangam Society of Fiji, which will further aid in providing these services and resources in the affected areas. We are very grateful to those who have contributed thus far, but recovery is a long process hence why we are still collecting more donations to send again in mid-February.” 

The devastation caused by Cyclone Yasa. Photos submitted

“In situations like natural disasters, it is usually best to provide monetary aid anyway; Fijians citizens experiencing this disaster are better able to decide what is of greatest need. … Fiji Sangam has currently been providing disaster relief to the greatly affected areas in the form of food ration distribution, getting children back into schools with the supplies they need such as stationary, uniforms and bags, and run lunch programs within the schools themselves,” Permal said. 

“We are kindly asking you and all other members of the community to come together and contribute what they can to this cause. To contribute a donation, of any amount, you may: send an e-transfer to or mail a cheque to 5366 McKinnon Street, Vancouver BC, V5R4C6. All donations will receive an official receipt from CFOFO. For more information, you can contact us via email or call: 778-709-2853,” states their donation appeal letter.