Canadian premiere of Sea Monsters Revealed at Vancouver Aquarium

AQUA Mako Shark
Mako Shark All photos submitted

EXPLORE the mysteries of the deep sea at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre’s Canadian premiere of Sea Monsters Revealed: The Exhibition. This immersive journey through time offers a new look at some of the world’s most amazing sea creatures. It opened at the Aquarium on Thursday.

Through a groundbreaking polymer preservation technique, known as plastination, Sea Monsters Revealed will unveil the dissected bodies of some of the largest deep-sea creatures ever to be featured on dry land.

AQUA Ocean Sunfish
Ocean Sunfish

“A first in Canada, Sea Monsters Revealed sparks the imagination of visitors as they receive an up-close and inside look at some of the world’s most elusive and strange aquatic creatures to roam our oceans,” said Clint Wright, Vancouver Aquarium senior vice-president and general manager. “Steeped in history and science, Sea Monsters Revealed takes visitors on a journey of underwater exploration and tells the story of mystical wonders through real specimens preserved through plastination.”

AQUA Silky Shark
Silky Shark

More than 100 aquatic specimens will be on display at Sea Monsters Revealed, including five full-body creatures. This mesmerizing collection features a goliath grouper, a five-metre long mako shark, a predatory Humboldt squid and a metre-long ocean sunfish, the heaviest bony fish in the world.

Squid exhibit.
Squid exhibit.

Legends historically surrounded many of these strange looking sea creatures. At one time, people were afraid of the oceans, believed to be full of sea monsters. Explore these tales and how they were dispelled centuries later through scientific research, uncovering the truth about these fascinating creatures, their underwater world and their extraordinary adaptations.

The exploration continues with Sea Monsters 4-D: A Prehistoric Adventure, an action-packed 4-D Experience that takes viewers back 82 million years into prehistoric waters, home to colossal marine reptiles of the dinosaur age and some of the most fascinating creatures that ever lived on Earth. Applying innovative technology, Vancouver Aquarium’s 4-D Experience engages you through sight, sound, scent and touch.

Visitors to Sea Monsters Revealed will be guided through a journey that will not only inspire appreciation of the great creatures inhabiting the ocean deep, but also create a better understanding of the role humans play in our natural world.

Sea Monsters Revealed that opened on March 5 will be on display until September 7.

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