Canadian Sikh organizations request Public Safety Minister to meet with them by December 21

THE BC Sikh Gurdwaras Council, Ontario Sikhs and Gurdwaras Council and the Ontario Gurdwaras Committee, who all represent the interests of Sikhs in Canada, met on Sunday in Toronto and unanimously resolved that Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister Ralph Goodale be requested to meet with representatives of the Sikh community on or before December 21. They noted that this was because of the upcoming holiday season.

In a statement, they said: “The collective Sikh community requests this meeting with respect to the inclusion of “Sikh (Khalistan) Extremism” in the 2018 Public Report on Terrorist Threats to Canada. Today’s gathering calls on Minister Goodale to, in the absence of any evidence, remove the section in its entirety.

“The outcome of the meeting with the Minister will be taken back to the Sikh community across Canada, to disseminate and deliberate on the Minister’s response.”