Canadians are extremely concerned about conflict with Russia escalating into broader European or world war

VIRTUALLY all Canadians are at least moderately concerned about the conflict with Rusiia escalating, while a solid majority are highly concerned, according to a Modalis public opinion research panel.

The results are based on a sample of over 1,200 Canadians with an actual margin of error of +/- 2.8 per cent at a 95% confidence interval. The survey was conducted between March 1 and 18.

  • 95% are concerned that “The conflict in Russia escalating into a broader European or world war.”
  • A mere 5% are not concerned.

These concerns are generally consistent across the Canadian population, although they are much higher among women than men (69% vs. 49% highly concerned, respectively) and those who follow TV news on a daily basis vs. those who do not watch TV news (also 69% vs. 49% highly concerned, respectively).


* Concerns about a wider war in Europe are higher than concerns about climate change.

Situated within a broader array of concerns, escalation of the conflict with Russia runs equally with the top concern facing Canadians today – inflation. Climate change – a longstanding concern for Canadians – generates significantly lower concern with nearly 1 in 5 unconcerned. The unvaccinated (also a longstanding concern, albeit more recent) is seen as relatively minor.


* Despite these concerns, Canadians are curiously bellicose about intervening.

Remarkably, a solid majority of Canadians support Canadian intervention in the conflict – something that would signal a significant escalation in the conflict.

  • Fully two-thirds support “Canada sending military personnel and weapons to Ukraine.”
  • Just under a quarter (23%) are opposed.

Were this conflict to escalate to a broader theatre of war, support for intervention could wane given the broad level of concern. Would escalating concerns about a broader conflict temper Canadians’ support for military involvement were things to worsen? There is a small but not insignificant level of opposition at this time.

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